Saturday, 14 May 2016

Sat 14 May 2016. Trangsviken to Lit and Ostersund

Sat 14 May 2016. Trangsviken to Lit and Ostersund
GirlRob woke 1.15 then again at 4.15am so gave up effort of sleeping, checked out the frost, and caught up on blog notes. Julia cooked hard boiled turkey eggs (with caviar from tube) for breakfast, plus choice of gravelax, cheeses and breads. GirlRob was delighted to find the aniseed flatbread she’d fallen in love with during the 2014 visit, and BoyRob discovered the brown Norwegian cheese much nicer than last time, with a sweet caramel flavour. 

Chores completed, we departed for Lit, to meet our hosts' friends Bengt and Solweig. Such wonderful hospitality in spite of Bengt’s health. Met Marlin their daughter and three sons, littlest Franz wanted to practice his English. Cakes, biscuits, buns, and strawberry tea, later we ate fresh mandarins. We’re getting used to the idea that in this part of the world, morning tea means lunch! Toured house with its cute framed bed, spare bed in cupboard, beautifully framed and presented windows with flowers in pots to catch sun (they were so surprised to hear GirlRob thought it was to impress passersby!)

Dropped Julia to visit daughter (also named Nina) whilst Eskil conducted a tour of Ostersund. Bought plant for Julia and postcards for our grandsons, drove up to top of ski slope with its panoramic views, snow clouds. Slanted wooden fencing so picturesque. Passed zoo and golf course, too early in season for both. 

Drove to other side of town to see magnificent Froso Kykya, with its wooden bell tower (1754), church and graveyards.

Eskil’s great great grandfather was in the military, on horses. So many men were named Johansen he had to change his family name – he was given Pihl (arrow). Eskil did his military service at airport. No military in Ostersund at all now.

Took our hosts to dinner at Arctura Restaurant and SkyBar, on top of 55m high "Thermos" Tower, brilliant panoramic views, excellent menu and food. Between the four of us we ate moose, reindeer, and “heart of Angus beef”. Wanderoos walked all way down from top – had wobbly knees! 

Called in briefly to supermarket for black tea, prunes and salty licorice (yuk!!) Eskil drove home a different way over an island via two free vehicle ferries. 

At home watched some of Eurovision grand finals on TV with Magnus and Nina, who had made a gluten and sugar free banana cake. Thought Australia’s Dami Im put on a stylish rather than ostentatious performance.

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