Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 100: Lubeck to Berlin - Wed 13 Aug

Day 100: Lubeck to Berlin - Wed 13 Aug
Pleasant morning, off early towards Berlin. McDonalds a disappointing short stop, wifi only for people with local numbers, and no brekky menu. Agriculture, corn fields, deer/ storks in harvested fields, dark forests, good highways, but limited to 130kph (!!) Lunched on potato salad and chicken rolls at roadside stop in forest - sign near picnic tables urged a lookout for wild boar. Turning out to be quite a summer’s day. Plentiful wind farms, one with red striped blades down under repair. 

Big blade, big crane...

Passing by the Planetarium
Iconic logo for KraftKlub band

Looked up caravan parks near city to stay - need washing machine, plus want to make most of time to look around Berlin's war history/memorabilia. As we drove through Eastern side of city, we were surprised by the heavy amount of graffiti on everything. Most buildings, bridges, fences, plant - everything standing still was covered, including a caravan that had broken down. Third lot of coordinates off Pocket Earth finally produced a real live campground - a stellplatz at historical gasworks. 

Plenty of space (if you don't mind the corner closest to toilets...)

Run down, not clean, but had small washing machine - unbelievably slow though, 2 hrs per load, took until close to midnight to get everything washed and dried. Enjoyed caretakers bonhomie - "you from under-down". He waxed lyrical about Bastei south east of Dresden, part of Saxon-Switzerland (Germany!!) National Park, so maybe we'll skip Dresden city and go straight there....

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