Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day 99: Around Lubeck - Tues 12 Aug

Day 99: Around Lubeck - Tues 12 Aug
Had early shower and drove out of overnight carpark before parking metres turned on for day. Took open bus route through Lubeck Old Town through the Castle Gate, and on road to Travemunde on coast - quaint town of joined houses, with huge ferry looking like it was driving on Main Street! Shame we haven't heard back from Kristina - we would have called in for a cuppa if we'd known her address. 

Stopped on harbour to dry out tarps and items from the lower locker, wet yet again from yesterday's rain, also to oil the squeak in driver’s chair. Met stalker talkers in home-made expedition vehicle (turret top!) who are coming to Oz next year to do Canning Stock Route - if half the people we've invited to stay with us turn up, we'll never have an empty house! 


Back to Lubeck for self-guided walking tour, starting with the puppet museum - in addition to the magnificent (and in some cases very realistic) string marionettes, there were old and new puppets of every description, silhouette/ shadow, stick and cone, glove/hand/finger, and the-not-very-mobile stick puppets.


We followed our maps to some religious addresses, starting with the 1173 Romanesque Cathedral (earliest brickwork) but found the inside much more interesting.




We ducked into St Gilles briefly.


More modern statue in front of St Anne's

Had a closer look at city gates, then walked into town square surrounded by freestone facades and towers (the “Giants”). 

A walkway to visit your chimney....

The towering Giants...

Lunched at Greek restaurant on moussaka and heavy wine. A new battery for GirlRob's watch got it working again. Supermarket top up - annoying no one will take visa or pre-paid cards, we've had to go back to carrying cash. Wrote postcards and found yellow box to send them (have had to ramp up buying/writing/mailing as grandson Travis now checks the mailbox every day to see if there's something new!) Back to carpark overlooking canal - almost all spots taken by 4.30pm because its "free" if you vacate before 9am. 
Shower, soup and bread rolls with local cheese for supper.

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