Friday, 29 August 2014

Day 116: Sant Julia de Loria to El Nasrou, Barcelona - Fri 29 Aug

Day 116: Sant Julia de Loria to El Nasrou, Barcelona - Fri 29 Aug
Oh no, just about to make an early start to cross into Spain when John discovered a sheared bolt on his back tyre - 4 hours and a replacement bolt later we were finally on the road. Ann and GirlRob topped up the groceries, then explored the plaza and managed to resist the duty-free goods including the biggest bar of Toblerone we'd ever seen! 

Off to Barcelona, on what might be our last day of windy mountain roads and quaint villages. Passed border (waved through), customs (once we started to open top and it was obvious we were a motorhome not a light truck, we were also waved through) then finally police (didn't even look at us) we were out of our brief sojourn in pretty Andorra. Welcome to Espana! Beautiful drive up sheer mountainsides and down into valleys, past ochre-coloured communities with impossibly narrow entrances and lanes. Very Spanish church bell towers. 

Apples for picking - no need to stop....
El burro!

GirlRob's photo translates nicely as a watercolour.....

All too soon it was time for a coffee stop at top of mountain for last view before descending into more urban territory. 



Veered past tempting jagged outline of Montserrat Mountains in afternoon sun and followed trusty Garmin through the maze of highways and satellite cities of Barcelona. 


Relieved to run straight down to Mediterranean Sea and find there was space in the caravan park north of the city. Sultry, crowded and noisy, we are at least close enough to catch public transport into city to explore over next couple of days. With all windows and shades open and one fan on (GirlRob’s didn't work!) it was cool enough to sleep.

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