Friday, 15 August 2014

Day 102: Berlin to Bastei - Fri 15 Aug

Day 102: Berlin to Bastei - Fri 15 Aug
Trains and bus into city for Reichstag viewing appointment, towers and external facade retained since bombed, interior totally rebuilt/ ultra modern. Booking/ Tickets required, passports/ security screening, guards escort into building, up and down elevators, patrol public areas and roof. Huge glass dome with spiral ramp up to top which amazingly is open - draws in fresh air, vents stale air, mirrors funnel daylight into plenary chambers below. It also has a heat recovery system in the cone, generators are run on biodiesel, roofs covered in solar panels, huge rotating blind to manage sunlight on all that glass. Green energy halves power usage, rain and snow captured at open top and recycled. There was a great photo of the building totally wrapped in fabric prior to the commencement of the reconstruction! 

Hmm... cone of silence???

Looking up....
Looking down....

Keyboard garden in front of concert hall

The Reichstag stands inside old Eastern sector, concrete path marking where Berlin Wall used to be.
Straddling Eastern and Western sectors


Indonesian delegation having formal photos taken in front of Brandenburg Gate (was it the new President?) Longer train trip out of city today as we were less sure of stations and platforms with overnight works. Once back at stellplatz, handed back toilet keys, paid residual bill, and off towards Dresden and SS National Park in brief shower. Amazed at how much agriculture and forested land, assumed much more of Germany would be industrial. Arrived Bastei, gasped at sheer height of sandstone pillars along peaceful Elbe River, quaint villages, forests and beautiful undulating country ringed by sandstone and tabletop mountains. We read it was a UNESCO cultural and heritage site until authorities put in a modern 4 lane bridge - tsk tsk. 




Losing light in dark forest, time to find campsite. We chatted to one or two mobile home owners who had interpreted the carpark sign same as us - to NOT prohibit overnight camping, and that we could stay for 5€ - guess we will all find out in the morning if someone turns up to collect a fee. Very pleasant to wind down from busy day sitting outside with our supper. Fed a timid field mouse (but sincerely hope he doesn't adopt us via the plumbing).

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