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Day 108: Maulbronn to Triberg, Black Forest - Thurs 21 Aug

Day 108: Maulbronn to Triberg, Black Forest - Thurs 21 Aug
Goodbye to our lovely clean free uncrowded campsite. On road to Baden Baden and finally found that an “autobahn church” really IS located in a rest area after all! Wow- you can have your quick fuel, food, toilet and prayer stop and your family is off on road again....Baden Baden very posh, spa town. Started our wanderings at 1839 Trinkhalle with its pretty frescoes, and strolled nearby casino gardens.



Our destination was the Faberge museum dedicated to items made by the Russian jewellery firm, supplier of high-end luxury goods to the Russian and European aristocracy (until Bolsheviks seized power in 1917). Viewed their fabulous signature jewelled eggs but also collections of exquisite jewellery/crowns, tea services, snuff boxes, and personalised enameled medals (no photos allowed, so apologies for internet copies). The most significant item in the museum's collection is the Rothschild FabergĂ© egg – every hour a diamond-set cockerel pops up, flaps its wings, nods his head and crows just before the clock strikes the hour. The museum was founded by Russian art collector Alexander Ivanov, who was quoted as saying that one reason he opened it in Germany was “in Russia you can never feel that your collection is safe – not from the state, not from bandits…”

Romanov necklace

Rothschild egg

Oh the delights in town's shop windows (not so delightful prices!). We upgraded our pocket camera - lured by latest model Lumix (TZ60), with double the zoom power and a view finder to overcome the difficulty of seeing the screen in bright daylight. Delightedly practiced macro setting on nearby flowers. 

We were so amused by the royal wave...

A teaset to make Marina jealous....

And the pastries to go with it...

Macro flower setting - impressed!

Lunch in car-park, then on to scenic Road 500/ Black Forest High Street with its views over France, passing Formula racing cars on winding ridge. Reached 1000mts, passed Mummelsee Lake (supposedly inhabited by a Nix). 

Into the Black Forest....




Parted from Boomers once again at Freudenstadt after sampling original Black Forest cake whilst in Black Forest! Onto Triberg, stayed night at Schonach Stellplatz out of town, watching netball practice. 

Freudenstadt Square

Maybe they won't notice we're not a bus...
Licking every single dollop....

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