Saturday, 30 August 2014

Day 117: Outskirts Barcelona - Sat 30 Aug

Day 117: Outskirts Barcelona - Sat 30 Aug
Hot morning. Gathered sheets, towels and dirty clothes and left them at reception desk for washing (7€ load), will need lines everywhere to get it all dry... late breakfast, de-scaled kettle, sorted out clothes, summer now in front drawers, winter in rear, deep-freeze clothes back in duffle bags on bed. 
Offending cactus plant looked innocent up front

Big ouch - whilst hanging out the washing, GirlRob got the back of her hand full of hundreds of tiny spikes from flowering cactus at back of vehicle - an hour of painful tweezing later still wasn't able to see them/pull them all out. Gave up spring cleaning and followed shade around to work on blog/photos or read instead. Squawky parrots in trees with berries - what a nice change to the boring cold country birds. 
Not our kind of beach....

genteel residence

Walked downtown with John and Ann, seedy neighbourhood, most shops closed down, good house wine with platter of Iberian meats before going on to restaurant for paella and slimy fish throat (truly!) Took in remainder of washing, hot sultry night, difficult to get off to sleep inside. 

Local cake store very creative
El Cantina

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