Friday, 22 August 2014

Day 109: Triberg to Freiburg Im Breisgau - Fri 22 Aug

Day 109: Triberg to Freiburg Im Breisgau - Fri 22 Aug

Walked the main street of the picturesque and unashamedly tourist town of Triberg.

Climbed up the Triberg waterfall, one of highest in Germany. It was a relatively easy slope through forests of beech, pine, spruce, sycamore, ash and elm. We read that squirrels have tree nests called dreys - we kept an eye out but they were obviously sated by tourist peanuts and failed to appear! GirlRob played camera peek-a-boo with a pretty, shy yellow-breasted bird (the bird won!) 


Returned via the Mary in the Fir Tree pilgrimage trail back to the township. A small lake held a duck house on stilts, safety no doubt from foxes. Passed Messner Cottage residence of pilgrim monks, where a clay pot containing 600 silver coins was found buried in the earthern floor. Paused for a peek inside Maria in der Tanne church. 

Messner Cottage


Once back in township, several disappointments followed:
  1. “Worlds Biggest Toilet” was a modern cistern rather than the wood-worked masterpiece the region demanded!
  2. Our Bavarian lunch consisted of a very ordinary schnitzel, and the meatloaf was a bland sausage.
  3. We didn't find the Cuckoo Clock museum, but rather World's Biggest Cuckoo Clock TOURIST shop....
World's Biggest Toilet - ho hum....

World's Biggest working Cuckoo Clock


    Gladly took the PanoramaStrasse road out of town from Thurner through Sankt Margen to Sankt Peter past abbey, house-barns and on to Waldkirch. It was a pretty drive with the deciduous trees beginning to turn yellow and red, but we were disappointed to see so much past and current logging and land clearing (there was a certain thinness in remaining forest, and a sameness to heights of pines). 

Thinking of you, son-in-law!!


Arrived in Freiburg Im Breisgau stopped at Campingplatz am Moselpark, modern, good washing machines and dryer only took 1 hr each (yes, it’s the small things that can make your day….)

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