Sunday, 10 August 2014

Day 97: Skagen to Sonderborg (from top to bottom of Denmark in one day...) Sun 10 Aug

Day 97: Skagen to Sonderborg (from top to bottom of Denmark in 1 day...) Sun 10 Aug
Woke to warmth, sunshine and blue sky - back in summer at last! Caught Sandormen tractor trailer through dunes and along beach on the Grenen sandbar, GirlRob standing with one foot in each sea – the Baltic as well as the North Sea. Wild rose shrubs, plenty of gulls. 

Bunker more impressive in daylight...
Cleaning up dummies from beach...

Past Bascule light Vippefyret, a 1627 lighthouse with an open fire basket. The Grey lighthouse's rotating lens floats on Mercury; then past newer White Lighthouse, and an old water tower in Skagen's picturesque town of yellow houses and red roofs. 

Grey Lighthouse
White Lighthouse

Water Tower



Saw at a distance Gerda Andersen's cone sculpture on the former windmill of the heating plant. Rest of day driving towards Southern Denmark along E45 via Frederikshavn, Aalborg, Aarhus, and Kolding. Most of cereal crops are in, and stalks bound into huge bails. Wildflowers in paddocks, along fences and road borders - pink florets, dark burnt reeds, and globular gold clusters like wattle. Picked up emails in cafe over lunch, Ryan's whole family in Perth are sick, and sounding quite down (guilty grandparents not there to help out...) 

Day became overcast in arvo. Turned off towards Sonderborg Jutland, looking for free camp. Found steep vehicle track to water's edge through cut cereal field which was supposed to lead to "primitive campsite" on waters edge, but it petered out before last drop to "beach" and we didn't dare drive around through the tilled field. 


Back to road, past 1864 set of memorials from Danish-Prussian war (apparently from 150yrs jubilee), over bridge and found little inexpensive caravan park on water. In furious wind chatted to a few stalker-talker Danes on holiday. Changed over Scandinavia Lonely Planet book, and one on Birds of Iceland for LP Western Europe in readiness for crossing into Germany tomorrow. Our 1st phase of this trip was Baltics, 2nd Scandinavia/ Iceland, and upcoming 3rd phase will be Central and Southern Europe. Hard to believe we're over half way already.

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